Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slow steady...

Had my weekly weighin, didn't loss but a couple ounces, that's ok though. I'm happy that I'm mentally working really hard and I can say doing much better about the snacking. I've really been asking myself "Are you hungry?" each time I want to reach for something. The majority of the time when I realize I'm not, I don't get the snack. I've also found an online buddy to talk about our struggles, we're both doing the Dr. Beck book and someone at the gym to workout with (although that wasn't as much of an issue).
Someone on the daily plate where I keep my food journal posted a really cool site.
I think it has some great information.
All in all things are going pretty good. Took my second running class. Can I just say that I don't know that I'll ever dig running, especially outside...but it does give you a workout. Tomorrow is an off day as I'm going to a workshop for work. I'm kind of excited not to have to workout, is that bad?

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