Monday, January 26, 2009

Paying the price

Well, as I mentioned I had some struggles last week and at my weigh in this morning I paid the price for my spotty commitment. I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't done too well this past week. In examining the reasons why that might be, I have to be honest and say that my diet is the culprit. I am a carboholic big time. I love sweets and especially anything chocolate. I can't seem to avoid them either...well I guess I can, but for some reason I don't. Alright, enough negativity, here are the things I've been doing right, I've been drinking more water although not quite the eight glasses a day I'm shooting for. I've been tracking my foods, including all the junk too. I've been working out consistently, even working out at home when I couldn't make it to the gym...which is huge for me, because I usually find some excuse not to do it if I can't go to the gym. I've also increased my work out times to 75mins/day and added some weight training on two other days of the week so that I'm doing strength training 2-3 times/week. So, this week, no junk! Also I need to really work on taking five minutes a night to plan my meals and day. That's one of the Dr. Beck strategies. I do think that's important too, so I will work on that this week. I have a plan.

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