Friday, January 9, 2009

Hunger, desire or craving?

Currently I'm working on learning to tell the difference between whether or not I'm hungry, having a craving or just have a desire. This is really key for someone like me who is an emotional eater and uses food maladaptively. Today I really tried to pay attention and the interesting thing was I'm very rarely hungry. But, I also have a strong desire to eat certain foods. For example my kids asked to go to the golden arches for lunch today. Now, to me there aren't many things on earth that taste better than hot mcdonald's french fries. Well, as I was driving up I did a check, "Am I hungry?" No, I wasn't...but the smell, I was so tempted to order fries. I didn't though, because I knew it was just a desire. I will need to continue to work on mastering the skill to recognize these because I've confused them many times in the past. Once I learn to really recognize these, then the next step is learning to tolerate hunger and cravings.

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