Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I ran!

I did it...even though it was cold and raining pretty constantly I got out there and tried to run...with a lot of walking going on, we went out for about 40 mins and then I came inside and ran on the treadmill for 20 more. Gosh, running on the treadmill is sooooo much easier than running outside. Anyways, I did it!!! I'm going to plan to run on Thursday too. Oh and I even went to the thrift store and got a fleece pullover to be able to layer on top of my t-shirt. So...I've been rethinking my workout schedule for January. I've wanted to be able to work out 7 days a week...but with my work schedule that's just not feasible so what I think I will do is on Mondays and Fridays I will just do longer workouts. I was thinking something like this.
Monday- Kickboxing or Spin Class & Swimming/Running or weights for a total of 90 minutes.
Tuesday- Running (or Spin Class)
Wednesday- Strength training at home (wii fit or a tape)
Thursday- Running (or Spin Class)
Friday- Muscle Conditioning class & 30 minutes on treadmill or stationary bike for a total of 90 minutes.
We'll see how it goes, that will bring me up to essentially working out 6 days/week in terms of 1hr/day. I'm happy with that. It's not much more really than I've been doing for the last 8 months, but since I want to push to my goal I need to make some changes. Like Bob Greene says I either need to go further or go faster. I don't know that I'll ever be very fast...but I can go further.

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