Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Real Challenge

So, I've said for a month that at the beginning of Lent I would stop snacking and the other vices that are keeping me from my goal. is Ash Wednesday. For the next forty days I will not have sweets. I will work my program to it's fullest. I can do this!
Progress thus far has been slow but steady, I'm pleased that I've continued to lose and have identified reasons why my progress has been slow from time to time. I've continued to read the Dr. Beck book, rereading some areas that I struggle with again and again, but the bottom line of the whole thing is plan, document and stay focused on your ultimate goal. That's pretty much what she tells you. You need to plan for your eating and exercising, check, check. You need to document what you eat truthfully by keeping a food journal, check. And you need to not let negative thoughts and actions derail you from your goals, check. So...wish me luck, here I go. Sugar free me!


  1. Hello. Is this the Just Me the one into Egyptology? I didn 't know you had a blog!

  2. Also I thought you were male? maybe I got the wrong "Just me"